Dart Ball

Dartball – What is it?

Dartball is simply baseball played with darts on an elaborate board 4 foot square. Rules are basically Baseball rules. There are generally nine players on a team, but teams can consist of four players, two players, or any number you wish. Players stand approximately 20 feet from the board (but players can move in closer if their ability requires) and throw darts underhand at the board to score hits, strikes, balls, fouls, and outs according to where the darts land. The game is scored like baseball. People of all ages and skill levels can play Dartball.

The only requirement of the game is that you have a lot of fun.

Dartball @ St. John’s

St. Johns is a member of the Fort Wayne Lutheran DartBall League. The league was stated in 1952 and currently we have 15 teams consisting of six to ten people per team.
We use a 4’ by 4’ board with a base ball layout and we play three games a night.
We play on Wednesday nights from October through March. During the holy weeks we play after church, or another night. The major holy days and certain holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas break, and Ash Wednesday we do not play. We have an all day tournament in March and a banquet in April. DartBall is a good way for people of different Lutheran Churches to socialize in a fun atmosphere and get to know one another.
Come out and visit. Try it you might get hooked.
Call Bill Hibben for information @ 260-413-8670 or email williamhibben@hotmail.com.