Education Committee/Sunday School

The Sunday School of St. John’s Lutheran Church of Lake Township will strive to help all members of the Congregation grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and Christian beliefs.

Thank you to the following members of St. John’s who have made the commitment to teach our children the word of God this year:

Pre-School – Tim Studebaker / April MacDonald

Kindergarten – Sarah Kuehnert / Amy Jagger

Helpers – Erin Niman / Christy Felger

1st – Janice Felger

2nd – Michelle McDonald / Denise Hess

3rd – Gabe VanEvery

4th – Melissa Taylor / Davonna Gynn

5th – Jon & Tina Kurtz / Kim DeWald

Middle School (MYFROG)  – Cody Scott

High School (TCC) – Rob Niman / Ben MacDonald

Adult Class – ( 1) Sam VanEvery / Bill Hibben,  ( 2) Jim Dowling / Jeff Groeling, (3) Melanie Crapser / Susan Groeling