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Monthly Outreach Focus: LOMIKSt John's Lutheran2022-02-01
Ash Wednesday Service and DinnerSt John's Lutheran2022-02-01
Grief ShareSt John's Lutheran2022-02-12
Disaster Relief Shed UpdateSt John's Lutheran2022-02-12
St. John’s Mission TripSt John's Lutheran2022-02-12
Sunday Service ScheduleSt John's Lutheran2022-09-13
“Learn your strengths in disaster response”St John's Lutheran2022-09-13
In Search of: New Member SponsorsSt John's Lutheran2022-09-13
BelongingSt John's Lutheran2022-09-18
Chaplain Reverend Leslie HainesSt John's Lutheran2022-09-30
ALL SAINTS DAYSt John's Lutheran2022-11-01
Children's Christmas Program2022-12-01
Christmas Services2022-12-01
Advent Services2022-12-01
Newcomers Welcome2022-12-31
Sunday, January 12022-12-31
One Service Sunday2023-01-18
Young Adult Bible Study2023-01-23
Ash Wednesday Dinner2023-02-01
Laser Tag Fundraiser2023-02-01
NALC Disaster Response Training2023-02-01
Friend SundaySt John's Lutheran2023-02-27
Prayer VigilSt John's Lutheran2023-02-27
Lent and EasterSt John's Lutheran2023-02-27
VBSSt John's Lutheran2023-02-27
Project 216 Packing EventSt John's Lutheran2023-02-27
New Comers BrunchSt John's Lutheran2023-04-19
Confirmation SundaySt John's Lutheran2023-04-30
Prayer Vigil and MeetingSt John's Lutheran2023-06-30
Service Change for July 232023-06-30
Lake Luther Service and BBQ2023-06-30
Healing ServiceSt John's Lutheran2023-06-30
Summer Book Read2023-06-30
September Worship ScheduleSt John's Lutheran2023-08-31
Rally DaySt John's Lutheran2023-08-31
Operation Christmas Child Donations2023-10-01
Lutheran Military Veterans and Families Ministries, Inc.St John's Lutheran2023-10-01
Soup for The SoulSt John's Lutheran2023-10-01
Prayer Vigil and MeetingSt John's Lutheran2023-11-01
Thanksgiving ServiceSt John's Lutheran2023-11-01
St. John’s Blood DriveSt John's Lutheran2023-11-01
Friend SundaySt John's Lutheran2023-12-01
Christmas ServicesSt John's Lutheran2023-12-01
Sunday School Christmas ProgramSt John's Lutheran2023-12-01
Caroling Cheer BusSt John's Lutheran2023-12-01
Advent ServicesSt John's Lutheran2023-12-01
Worship Schedule for ChristmasSt John's Lutheran2023-12-01