Disaster Relief Shed Update

Brothers and Sisters in Christ of the Heartland Mission District, I want to provide you with a status update on NALC Disaster Relief Shed located on the property of Peace Lutheran Church in Conners-ville, IN. Peace completed improvements to the grounds with the in-stallation of new parking lot lighting, steps and railing, and a concrete shed foundation in preparation for the mission district's work. As of this writing, we are working to lay an electrical line out to the shed’s foundation. We have a current ship date of materials and supplies for delivery to Peace on or shortly after March 2nd. As we get closer to what will hopefully be our first construction day in March, a set of directions to the church and the day’s schedule will be sent out to each congregation of the mission district to join us in a work day. Peace Lutheran Church will take care of providing lunch for our days together. God’s blessings to you all! Rev. Norman E. Dew, pastor

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