Church Construction Project:

In 2010 St. John’s completed a building renovation and addition that was several years in the making.  To follow the building process click HERE.  We have put together a blog to track all of the steps of the building process.  This also provides you a way to leave any comments on the blog about the project.

November 17, 2009 visit to Window Creations:

Window Creations, located in Ottoville, Ohio was selected to renovate St. John’s 125+ year old stain glass windows.

Co-Owner, Reggie Bueher (below), met met at the door and graciously provided a tour of their facilities.

Window Creations was founded by Reggie and his wife Penny.  The business employs 12 people including a son and daughter.  It’s a hands-on craft with pain-staking detail.  Below is an employee working on a new piece on the bench.

A photograph of Window Creations’ shop:

St. John’s stain glass windows are almost finished and delivery is dependent upon the rest of the construction project.

Good job to our primary contacts Matt Lawrence and Andy VanEvery for selecting Window Creations.  They are a quality outfit.

The following are photos of St. John’s stain glass windows at Window Creations workshop: